Sujay Kaushal

    University of Maryland - College Park
    Assistant Professor
    Earth System Science Interdisciplinary Center & Geology

Research Interests: Research focuses on the ecology and biogeochemistry of watersheds and aquatic ecosystems, primarily through long-term studies in the Chesapeake Bay region. Research interests include: land use and climate impacts on water resources, urban watershed restoration, long-term trends in stream chemistry, human-impacted biogeochemical cycles, and applications of geochemical tracers to ecosystem ecology.


Tammy Newcomer

    University of Maryland - College Park
    MEES Ph.D.Student
    EPA NNEMS Fellowship, SEA Grant Fellowship, NSF G6-12 Fellowship

Research Interests: I have previously investigated denitrification associated with natural and anthropogenic carbon sources as potential indicators of stream restoration success. I’m now using 15N stable isotope techniques to investigate the effects of ecosystem restoration on in situ rates of denitrification in BMPs and floodplain areas.  I am also working with a team from EPA and UMD on a meta-analysis of the effectiveness of stream restoration.

Michael Pennino

    University of Maryland - College Park/UMBC
    MEES Ph.D.Student
    NSF Doctoral Fellowship, NSF IGERT Fellowship, EPA NNEMS Fellowship

Research Interests: I am interested in studying the impact of stream restoration on biogeochemical cycling. I specifically want to know how stream restoration strategies can improve the stability and resilience of denitrification hotspots - areas of high nitrogen uptake and removal. I hope to correlate the location and persistence of denitrification hotspots with certain stream hydrogeomorphic features, and the availability of organic matter and nutrients. 

Rose Smith

    University of Maryland - College Park
    Geology Ph.D.Student
    SEA Grant Fellowship

Research Interests: I am interested in hydrological and biogeochemical interactions in watersheds, and the ways that land use, ecosystem restoration and climate change, impact water quality. My research will focus on determining how these different drivers alter the sources of carbon and nitrogen, biogeochemical processes such as denitrification and trace gas emissions, and watershed scale carbon and nitrogen budgets. These questions can be addressed through a combination of field sample collection, stable isotope tracers, and watershed modeling. My research sites are located at the NSF supported Baltimore long-term ecological research site and Anacostia watershed of the NSF Washington D.C. ULTRA-EX observatory.


Dr. Shuiwang Duan

    University of Maryland - College Park
    Research Associate

    Curriculum Vitae

Research Interests:
I am studying organic matter sources and composition, and how they affect nutrients, organic contaminants, and heavy metals in aquatic environments. I am investigating the effects of climate change and watershed landuse on water quality of streams, and using Soil and Water Assessment Tool (SWAT) to predict future changes in nutrient and carbon inputs from land to the coastal ocean. I am also interested in hydrological model developments for tracking sources and in-stream processing of organic matter and nutrients.

Dr. Hong Deng              

   East China Normal University

   Visiting Scientist

Research Interests:
I am interested in the field of phytoremediation, restoration ecology and wetland biogeochemistry. I am studying the behavior of contaminants in wetland ecosystems, especially how the oxidized rhizosphere affects metal and nutrient transportation in the water-sediment interface.


Melissa Grese

    University of Maryland - College Park
    Faculty Research Assistant

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